Tuning, maintenance and repair since 1993. Specializing in mechanical action instruments.
Cleaning Visser-Rowland, St. Mary's Cathedral
Relocate Layton organ for Ascension Church
Relocate Hammer organ for CSU
Church Pew Modification
Client pictures
Cleaning Visser-Rowland, St. Mary's Cathedral Nineteen years living in dry, windy, dusty Cheyenne have made this instrument very dirty inside. We removed, cleaned and boxed the pipes, then vacuumed and washed all the accessible wooden parts and mechanism. We removed, vacuumed and washed the rackboards, toeboards and sliders, and inspected the  slider seals before reassembly.
Relocate Layton organ for Ascension Church This 1973 Layton mechanical action instrument was relocated from Colorado State University's organ practice room to Anglican Church of the Ascension. The instrument was built using chests from a previous electric pulldown action instrument. We made new pulldown wires, and built a side case for the Pedal Subbass. We also supplied a new soundproof blower enclosure.
Relocate Hammer organ for CSU

The 1969 Hammer (German) pipe organ was originally built for Colorado Women's College (Temple Buell College). CSU acquired it in 2008 as part of the move from the old Music Building to the new University Center for the Arts (old Fort Collins High School).

Bill and I were presented with a 10' x 10' storage unit full of dusty parts - no pictures, no plans. We spent a lot of time releathering, cleaning, polishing, re-rounding pipes, etc., etc.

This extremely compact 14-stop organ was very cleverly engineered - which is not to say it is easy to work on! Lots of things are fantastically difficult to access. Fortunately, it has proven to be very reliable and has require very little work since installation.

Church Pew Modification We modified the front pew on either side of St. Paul's Episcopal Church for wheelchair access.
Everyone says it turned out great, and looks like it was built that way originally.
It was utilized the very first Sunday the project was finished!
Client pictures Here are some pictures of client organs we take care of. More will be added in time.
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